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2 Feb


Just 1 hour and 30 minutes from my place in Madrid. Amazingly beautiful and refreshing Fri. Jan. 31st, 2014.

Did not take any pic. Oh well, I would try to take a cross-country pic with snow shoes next time.

I took classes of Nordic skiing for 3 hours to learn the technique and to learn that it is not as easy as it seems.

If you are in neat Madrid and want to try this in winter time go to:


Ice Skating @ La Nevera (or ´The Fridge´)

17 Nov

Fun, natural fun!

First Saturday taking ice skating classes and I am already hooked up on it. As per today, there are 10 of us divided into 3 different levels. I am on level 2 but we are all, more or less, beginners. As soon as I got there, I felt good vibes coming in part from a big banner that reads: ´Om Shanti (peace). The one with a clean heart, laughs.´ Who knew that I would find that message hanging on an ice skating rink? Although it is a great way to encourage laughter every time one falls down; just think of the mantra.

Today: fish figures, learning how to brake and slalom with mini colorful cones. It is a great mental fitness exercise since one truly needs to be alert and aware, lest one crashes into somebody, among other things…

A month already and counting! Love it.

Bike @ Casa de Campo

6 Oct

Today at 11am in Urogallo (The capercaillie), a classic chiringuito (tapas stall) that works as a meeting point for my pedaling days with friends at the very charming park from Madrid Casa de Campo which, with its 4255.154 acres, is 5 times bigger than Central Park. It has many good-looking trees, fountains, and architecture remains from the Civil war.

Today we rode about 12 nice kilometers. At some point the path turned really fun; it seemed like one was in a Nintendo video-game but this time for real. Yippee.

After the ride, we met with the kids and had some playing and chatting time.

Can´t wait for the next ride.