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13 Apr

2231 y. ago = Spain is a mess, a battle field.

This II Punic war is the best known of the 3. Aka “War against Hannibal.”

Cartago lost Hispania forever.

¡España, prepárate que vienen los romanos!

BBC TV Series “On Hannibal’s Trail” (2009)


Cartaginenses/Carthaginians/carthaginoises. FIRST SETTLEMENTS.

13 Apr

2513 years ago…

These guys conquered the Mediterranean Coast of Spaiñ (Alicante, Cartagena…) 2513 years ago or so.  1st Punica war.

Púnico or Punic = from Cartago (at the time, North of Africa, in Tunisia)

Now = Cartgena, Murcia. Nowadays, there is another Cartago in Costa Rica.

FIRST PUNIC WAR. The 1st of 3 Punic wars fought between the Romans and the Carthaginians.

Rome wins.

Greek Colonization in Spaiñ. FIRST SETTLEMENTS.

28 Jan

2713 years ago…

The Greeks, another seafaring people. They were more interested in trading than in conquering therefore, they barely moved from the East Coast of Spain.

They introduced in Spain trading, industry and olive and grapes farming (to be healthy and have fun) and theatre, poetry and philosophy (to rock the spirit).

They built autonomous cities like the ones in their mother country, the metropolis.

Their stay was not as influential as the stay of the Romans.

The Ketls in Spain. FIRST SETTLEMENTS.

15 Jan

The Kelts arrived in Spain before the Greeks, around 2913 years ago.

Their culture fusioned with the Iberian creating this way the Celtíbera identity in Spain.They were craftsmen and warlike people. One of their legendary kingdoms before the Roman invasion was Ávila, where my father was from and where I still go to relax in the country of that province.

It took the Romans 2 centuries to bring culturally and military under control the Ketls in Spain.

In Ávila, we find the “Toros de Guisando” (Guisando´s bulls) sculptures, which are not in the Guisando village.

This is not Spain: I wanted to mention the Book of Kells also by the Kelts in Ireland.


13 Dec

Phoenicians. They came to Spain about 3,100 years ago or so.

The Phoenician alphabet has been the foundation for: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Arabic.

Because the Phoenician soil was not the best for agriculture, Phoenicians focused more on maritime activities.

The lived in the Levant region (today Syria, Lebanon and Israel) with Biblos as its capital.

They had colonies, Spain among them.


13 Dec

When? It is said that about 3,200 years ago

How? A mystery.

Where? Spain, but a mystery in terms of exactly where.

They had a lot of silver, bronze, gold and tin. They were good at sailing and fishing. They had their own alphabet similar to the Iberian language.


11 Dec

As the Megalithic cultures (previous post), the Iberians are said to appear in the Neolithic, around 4,000 years ago or so. It is also said that the Greeks were the first ones using that term to refer to the people living in the southern and eastern coasts of current Spain.

The Iberians made the well-known Lady of Elx. La Dama de Elche.