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EURO, Europe´s currency, 2002

1 Mar

January 1st, 2002, the Euro started to be in circulation in 12 European countries:

Spain, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Luxemburg, The Netherlands and Portugal = 308 million inhabitants.

A huge technical and logistic job. A grear event in Europe´s history.

The symbol is inspired by the letter Epsylon from Greece, birthplace of Western culture.

To represent stability, like the Korean won or Japanese yen, it has two parallel rods.





Guerra de Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 2001… + Wikileaks in 2011.

25 Feb

Where and when: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It started in 2001…

Language: Pashto

Pretty much the same population of España: 35,000,000

Answering to the 9-11 attacks, the US started this ongoing war.

The US and its allies, especially the Brits, have been invading this country, over and over again.

The US exercised its right under the article 51 of the Chart of United Nations. This article provides for the right of countries to engage in self-defence, including collective self-defence, against an armed attack.

The “Bush Doctrine” said that there is no distinction between terrorist groups and governments or nations that gives them refuge.

CIA especial division team was the one that started the fight.

US & UK, by air, bombed Kabul helped by the North Alliance (United Islamist Front for the Afghan salvation or the ones that also wanted to overthrow the Taliban regime).

With Osama Bin Laden´s death, Obama announced troops withdrawal that, in principle, it is going to end in 2014.

Wikileaks Scandal

WikiLeaks made public US documents showing the dark and hidden face of this war. Civil deaths from covered operations and the persistence of Taliban in Afghanistan. This was contrary to what it was officially said.

Excess of the West.

History since I was born: Twin towers attack, 2001.

15 Feb

Well, well, well.

An on-going debate…

Apparently, 19 members of Al Qaeda (all dead) committed the attacks. They were divided in 4 groups of kidnappers with a pilot and that terrible unthinkible event happened. Boom! Wow! Holy smokes!

Mythomaniac: Alicia Esteve was pretending to be a supervivor and was even named manager of  the WTCenter Supervivors asTania Head… In 2007, her real identity was unconvered.

History since I was born: Seattle battle, 1999.

15 Feb

Where and when: US, 1999.

I remember this one quite well since I was living at that time in Vancouver, CA. taking boxing, English and acting classes.

Anyhow, the hot protests against the Trade World Organization (OMC in Spanish) summit are considered the first anti-globalization movement.

Between 40 and 50K people not belonging to any political party or association whatsoever, gathered for 3 days in Seattle.

Apparently, of the 3,000 delegates only 500 made it to the meeting.

The WTC ceremony had to be cancelled.

History since I was born: The Tequila effect, 1994-97.

15 Feb

Where and when: Mexico and Southeast Asia.

Both phenomena started with a devaluation.

In 1994, Mexican peso lost half of its value. In 1997, Thailand had  an 18% devaluation.

Mexican devaluation by Mexican president, Ernesto Zedillo = poverty and unemployment in Mexico and impact in Latin American economies in 95.

The U.S.,  Mexico´s partner in NAFTA, offered a-2-billion USD fund.

In 95´, the situation was under control but 10,000 companies closed, and inflation was more than 50%

On the other hand, in 97, the Southeast Asia crisis, a.k.a. “The FMI crisis.”, took place as a domino effect cause by the Thailand devaluation.

1997, stiff drop of the Hong Kong stock exchange that reached London, Wall Street, Brasil and Argentina markets.

History since I was born: Russia invades Chechenia. 1994-96

12 Feb

Where and when: Chechnya, Grozny (capital), 1994-96

Russians wanted to control again the Chechen Republic in 1994 (1st Chechen war).

Inspite of having a bigger army and weaponery, the Russians did not make it. Boris Yeltsin declared a cease-fire. Thousands of people dead (40,000).

After the fall of the URSS, Chechnya declared itself independent but the Russians did not like it at all. On top of that, the Ingush split from the Chechens and established their own republic.

In 1995, the revolutionary Chechens had their first terrorist attack outside Chechnya.

In 1997, a peace treaty was signed. Both parties had to follow the rules of International Law which implies the acknowledgment of Chechnya as a nation.

History since I was born: 1994, Chiapas conflict.

11 Feb

Where and when: Chiapas, Mexico, 1994.

It took Mexico by surprise. It sent the world a clear message: “Respect for indigenous people is not a matter from the past.”

It was a 12-day-uprisng by the armed group EZLN — Ejército zapatista de liberación nacional.

Its political and military origins are the FLN — Frente de Liberación nacional. A clandestine organization from the 60´s (they wanted to establish socialism)  that was almost completely eliminated by the Mexican government but the survivors reorganized themselves so they created the EZLN.

Most of its members were indigenous from Mayan ethnic groups from Chiapas (tzotzil, tzeltal, ch´ol, tojolab´al).

The government military and the EZLN fought. 172 r.i.p. aprox.