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Pin or “felt brooch.”

27 Jan

2013-01-27 15.19.07

2013-01-27 15.17.57

The base of this “ginger doll” was just a plain blue felt circle. I did not know what to with it till the idea of a doll popped-up so I got on with it gluing all the little things that I found at home here and there and that can be seen on the pics.


No color crystal beads.

26 Jan

collar rojo

The key for this project was to just gather no-color crystal beads. Down the road, I decided to insert some wild white pearls.

The beads are mostly from my 2011 trip to Prague and some are from Madrid as well. My mother gave me the pearls. It combines well with pretty much everything.

DMC threads bracelet.

17 Dec

I made this bracelet 2 or 3 summers ago with a skein roll and lots of DMC threads and other threads (the sparkly ones). I made a rectangle (see the photo) and cut it to give it a touch so it does not look so plain in spite of the colors.