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Ivan-off by Anton Tchekhov

8 Nov

I recommend this play especially because of the way it is staged and the passion of the characters. In fact, there is no stage. I´ll explain: You go to the authentic neighborhood La Latina in Madrid and there, in a random apartment of a pure Spanish street, the play is set. It is like going to your neighbor´s to say hi and you stay 2 hours observing what happens in the living room.

There are two rooms; 2 living rooms with a nice décor and ambiance that the great Tchekhov play demands. The audience changes rooms three times which makes it original, fun, interactive and interesting and it takes less than a minute to do this. The full capacity is 25 people so it allows to create a quiet, intimate atmosphere in which one can touch every character. In one of the living rooms the characters are having an afternoon snack and they pass the tray to the members of the audience sharing it, so I had two sandwiches plus live, nice and peculiar entertainment.

Below the cast and one of the living rooms.



Les Luthiers @ Madrid

10 Oct

Les Luthiers: Argentinian music and comedy group. It was formed in 1967. Their instruments are home-made, informal, fun and sophisticated. ´Luthier´ in French means: ´string musical instrument maker.´

I´m gonna see them for the first time this coming Saturday. Can´t wait. I hope to be back soon to write about my impressions.

Today, Sunday 14th, I can talk about how fun and funny Les Luthiers were last night. How good it is to laugh!Their show this time was called: ´Lutherapia´ (Lutherapy) which it´s about the parody of a patient stuck with his PhD in music and his psychotherapist who´s trying to straighten out his mental mess. The analysis of each session with the shrink is a representation of an original and fun musical, mini-sketch  moment in the form of operettas. They are great, elegant and very witty playing with words. Only in Spanish.