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Simultaneously, Ms. Martin

9 May

So, after I studied a bit of simultaneous interpreting at the Monterey Institute of International​ studies in California, I decided to keep traveling […]

Almost 10 years later…

I am working in Spain as a conference interpreter. Coincidentally, my years of wanderlusting have been my years of agnosticism. But, I wanted to turn that tide and be a believer. Now, I believe in God, although I do not care about the denomination. Culturally, I am Catholic.

Anyhow, my first time in a real interpretation meeting. Below pictures of that first, second, third, fourth…

I am new to this and it is not easy but I looooove. As the motto of my boyfriend’s military unit (Airborne paratrooper) goes: “If it were easy, others would do it.”




La fille de Brooklyn de Guillaume Musso

21 Apr


Politics read in Dubai.

19 Nov



By Connelly read in Dubai.

19 Nov


Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki by Murakami

19 Nov

Regalo de un gran colega, profesor de inglés, y amigo de Irlanda cuando marchaba de Dubai. Thank you, my friend. WIN_20141213_120541.JPG

Le voleur et les chiens – Naguib Mahfouz

10 Aug

Premier roman d’un egyptien que je lis. Monsieur Mafouz m’a laisser un gout pour lui tres beau. La facon don’t il ecrit et belle at calme – comme de la poesie de calite. Il a recu le Prix Nobel de Literature en 1988.

L’Egypte qu’il decrit est toujours dans ma tete.



10 Aug

Entretenida lectura veraniega con momentos tensos y muchos de ellos esperados pero nada agradables. DSC_0165

Asesino en serie maltratado de joven por su madre prostituta y abandonado por su padre quien se pensaba estaba muerto.