Countries and other places where I HAVE LIVED. TRAVELS TOO.

27 Feb

Reflective Pulsar

My sense of adventure, and my curiosity for other languages and cultures, have brought me to the following places for the last 20 years or so:

Countries and time I have spent living in them (sometimes, only for tourism or visiting people):

1. England: Exmouth (2 months), London (3 months).

2. France: Clérmont-Férrand (5 months).

3. Overseas France: Guadeloupe Island, French West Indies (9 months).

4. US – California (3 years). Monterey and Carmel.

In Monterey sending love to my mother.


Con las compañeras del máster.


5. Canada: Vancouver (8 months), Nova Scotia (1 month).

6. Myanmar/Burma: Yangon (4 months).

7. Japan (Tokyo): 5 days. Visiting.

8. US – Boston (3 months).

9. US – Hawaii (3 months).

In Honululu, Hawaii. 2

10. Brazil – Salvador do Bahia: 2 times: 4 days each…

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